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Look Who's Attending - 90 confirmed

Last Updated March 25, 2006

Alan Breakspear  David Dollar John Ossowski Norm Beaudry
Alan Painter David Miller Kathy Poor Norm Everest
Allan Darling Dawn Lumley-Myllari Ken Monds Paul Migus
Andrew Lieff Dawnita Spac Kevin Lindsay Pierre Kerr
Andy Klymchuk Diane MacLaren Kristine Burr Ray Jones
Anita Biguzs  Dick de Jong Laura Jackson Rosmary Billings
Barry Rosenfeld Dick Fadden Len Endemann  Ross Miller
Bernice McKay Donata Zimny  Leon Richins Sam Kalinowsky 
Bill Austin Elizabeth Shaver Les Kom Sandra Wing
Bill Cleevely Gerry Derouin Line Menard Sharon Flichel
Bill Lever Greg Graham Lise Ruedl Sheila Y. Terjanian
Bob Mellon Helen King Louis Langlois Shirley Fullerton
Brent DiBartolo  Irene Wolanskyj Louise Dion Stan McRoberts
Brigita Gravitis-Beck Jim Hamilton Louise Forgues Stephen O'Connor
Carole Swan Jim Mitchell Louise Levonian Steve Lane
Caroline C. Williams Jim Quinn Maria Pagliarello Sue Bowen 
Christiane Talbot-Horne Jo Hamilton Mark Podolak Sue Horgan
Christine Perry Jo-Anne Munro MaryJane Jackson Therese Mercier
Cindy Langill Joan Spice Morton Ross Tom Richardson
Claude Caron Joanne Lynn Murray Shaw Tom Scott
Colleen Post John Arseneau Nancy Adams Hugh Mullington
Dave Watters John Hartin Nancy Bresolin
David Baxter John McBride Nigel Chippindale

Look Who's NOT Attending and Why

Sandra Wing

Sandra has been called to go to Washington.

Ruth Hubbard

Elizabeth Shaver forwarded the email about the reunion. I may not be able to attend, but add me to you list so that I am no longer missing.
Ruth Hubbard

Eileen Shaw

Hi all yall (I am just back from Savannah GA).

I am really sorry I cannot join you for the reunion.  But I will be baking my bones on a beach in Costa Rica.  Although I cannot be with you, part of my trip will include swinging precariously through high places - with tenuous support - surrounded by monkeys.  I assume this will be close enough to a Program Branch experience to qualify me as a virtual attendee.

Hope to see you at the next reunion.

Aileen Shaw    

John Kowalski

Senators game with the Family! (Otherwise would have enjoyed seeing old colleagues; thanks to Dave Miller and Cindy Langill for passing along the invite.

Denis and Kathy Kam

Thanks for the invite. Regrettably we will not be able to make it. We are leaving on a long (7 week) road trip on March 18 and by the 28th expect to be passing through Las Vegas on our way to California and up the Pacific coast to Vancouver. We are looking forward to Pierre’s photos of the Event.  Hope to see you two this summer in wine country.

Johanne Sauvé

No good reason, more persuasion required

Pat Devine

Thanks for the invitation to the 2nds Program Branch reunion. 
Unfortunately, I will not be back in Ottawa by the end of March (Elayne and 
I are wintering in Naples Florida). Please keep me on your mailing list for 
the next reunion or any other important events.” Patrick

Warren Chaffe

Hi Pierre,
Great to hear from you even if it was via a mass mailing. Hope you and your family are well. Please say a special Hi to Caroline, from me on my boat in Florida.  Which is why I’m writing to tell you I won’t be able to make the March 28 re-union. I would dearly love to be there, but don’t anticipate getting back to Ottawa until late April or May.  Am nearly on the Gulf of Mexico where the temp is a splitting 82 degrees most days. The sun is fiercely strong. Boat is good but I’ve had some problems. Hope to sail to the Dry Tortugas in April with a buddy from North Carolina.
Best regards, and don’t forget that special “hi” to ccwilliams!

Does Anyone Know Where They Are? 1

Please let them know and CC progbranch@Yahoo.ca

Adam Holbrook

Dave Shulte

Josie Butterfield


David Good

Karen Laughlin

Paul Bernier

Alan Mau

David Jackson

Karen Wiseman

Ken Dewhirst

Paul Thoppil

Arthur Kroeger

Ed Stimpson


Pierre Adm

Bernard Forestell

Elizabeth Greene

Larry O’Toole

Pierre Charlebois

Beverley Gooch


Louise Mantha

Randy Morriss

Bill Crandall

Eugene Fytche

Lynn Bernard

Rick Lee

Bill Taylor

Heather Voith

Lynn Morris

Rick Thomas

Bob Smith

Janice Silcox

Marc St-Laurent

Brian Marson

Jennifer Moore

Marcel Cousteau

Serge Gervais

Brian McCauley

Jody Gomber

Margery Snider (Foster)

Ted Monsour

Charlaine Gendron


Marjo Durtrisac


John Brockway

Martin Dunn


John McLure

Mike Graham