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New President Chosen for the IRPP - Mel Cappe

The Honorable Bob Rae, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mel Cappe as President and CEO. Mr. Cappe is now High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom and a former Clerk of the Privy Council in Ottawa.

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Steve Silcox

After a long and successful 27-year career, Steve Silcox, Director of Corporate Planning and Resource Management, Finance and Administration Division, Corporate Service Branch, is retiring from the public service on June 18.

Mike Joyce      

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I am pleased to announce that Mike Joyce has accepted a research and teaching position for one year at Queen’s University School of Public Policy under the Canada School of Public Service’s Federal Public Servant-in-Residence Initiative.

Mike will use this opportunity to reflect on his expenditure management experience with the Secretariat and to write within a more academic discipline, as well as teach a number of budgeting-related courses. He will also examine how academics with an interest in budgeting can continue to develop relationships with government practitioners. I strongly believe the Secretariat will benefit from this assignment, especially as we work towards our priority of strengthening our role in the government’s expenditure management system.

Although Mike expects to be in residence at Queen’s three to four days a week, he will have an office on TBS’s premises from which he can conduct some of his Ottawa-based research and maintain contact with the Secretariat.

I am pleased to announce that effective June 20, David Moloney will succeed Mike and has accepted the position of Senior Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management Sector.

Please join me in wishing both Mike and David all the best as they take on their new roles.

From: Wayne G. Wouters, Secretary of the Treasury Board

And, a poem by Joan Bloom 
"Ode to Joy..ce"

Ray Jones will be retiring this Summer. In honour and recognition of his accomplishments and years of service, please join us in wishing him all the best as he embarks on the next phase of his life.

When: Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
Where: Minto Place (Stanley Room) @ 433 Laurier Ave. West, 2nd floor
Time: 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $20 (includes appetizers and contribution to the gift)

If you would like to join in the celebration and/or contribute towards a gift for Ray, please contact one of the individuals listed below, by May 26th, to purchase a ticket. 

Carole @ 954-6154 
Caroline @ 946-4490

Stephen Lane is going to retire on Friday the 13th of May.  I think he is competing with Bob's April 1st joke.

Please join us to celebrate the retirement of Stephen Lane
on Thursday May 12, 2005
from 3:00pm to 8:00pm
at the RCAF Officers’ Mess
158 Gloucester Street, 3rd floor

The day after...

NOTE: A video tape was made of the event.  If you want a copy, contact the webmaster.  Stay tuned for online clips.

Len Endemann is retiring April 29th, 2005

It seems like just yesterday that he left Treasury Board and now he's "pulling the plug" to quote Len's own words. 

Café 101 Lounge, Crown Plaza Hotel, Wednesday April 27th 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Tickets $15.00 per person (includes contribution towards gift)


Len Endemann

Bob Mellon is retiring April 1, 2005 (not an April fool's joke)


A poem to Bob by Joan Bloom

The Hill Times has a story here


Mr. Estimates - click for bigger view


Dennis Kam’s Retirement Party

After 30 years of dedicated service to the Government of Canada, Dennis Kam, Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services Branch, will be retiring on December 31, 2004.

Friends and colleagues are all invited to be part of a celebration in his honour.

Date: December 1, 2004 

Time: 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Place: McLaren’s
301 Elgin Street 

A memory book will be available so that you can offer Dennis your best wishes. If you prefer to send a message in advance, please e-mail your comments to Mike Pellerin, before Friday, November 26 so they may be included in the book.

A contribution of $15 would be appreciated towards the purchase of food and gift(s). Additional contributions for the gift(s) are also welcome.

Please confirm your attendance by e-mail, to Joanne Mews Mews.Joanne @ (remove spaces) or Marie-Josée Cadieux, Cadieux.Marie-Josee @ (remove spaces) before November 22.

If you have any questions, please contact Marie-Josée, at: 944-4977.

Brent DiBartolo's Retirement Party

After 31 years of dedicated service to the Government of Canada, Brent DiBartolo will be retiring on October 29, 2004.

Friends and colleagues are all invited to be part of a celebration in his honour.

Date: October 27, 2004
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Place: Royal Canadian Air Force Officers’ Mess
158 Gloucester Street
Astra Lounge

A memory book will be displayed at the entrance of the room so that you can offer Brent your best wishes. If you prefer to send a message in advance, please e-mail them to Lisa Bowes before October 21 and they will be included in the book.

A contribution of $14 would be appreciated towards the purchase of a gift and to cover expenses.

Please confirm your attendance and bring your contribution before October 21, to: Lisa Bowes, 7th Floor, 400 Cooper Street.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa, at: 952-3001.

Brent joined TBS as the Assistant Secretary, Labour Relations and Compensation Operations Sector in October 2002.

Prior to joining TBS, Brent served in a variety of capacities. In September 1973, he commenced his career in the Air Pollution Control Directorate at Environment Canada, holding various positions in the air pollution control field in that organization until 1980.

From December 1980 to September 1990, he was a Program Analyst at the Treasury Board Secretariat in the Program Branch; a Group Chief in the Estimates Division, and a Group Chief in the Natural Resources and Environment Group.

From October 1990 to October 2002, Brent worked in various departments including Revenue Canada, Consumer and Corporate Affairs and Citizenship and Immigration.

During this time he became an Assistant Deputy Minister at Indian Affairs and Northern Development of Corporate Services and then served at National Defence as Assistant Deputy Minister, Infrastructure and Environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Brent for his support and significant contributions to TBS and the Public Service of Canada.

Brent’s broad experience and general talent are rare indeed!

We will miss him!

Jim Judd
Secretary of the Treasury Board
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R5
613-952-1777 | | facsimile: 613-952-6596

Mary Jane Jackson  

Follow this link for Party Photos

Senior Executive Appointment 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Mary Jane Jackson to the position of Director General, Resource Management Directorate, Finance and Administration Branch effective October 18, 2004. Ms. Jackson is currently the Executive Director, Advisor, Expenditure Management Information System at the Treasury Board Secretariat. She brings extensive experience on accrual budgeting and appropriations, as well as having participated in the development of a framework for implementing accrual budgeting across government. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Jackson to the Canada Revenue Agency and assuring her of our full support. 

Ms. Jackson possesses a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and a Bachelor of Administration and is a Chartered Accountant. 

Ms. Jackson began her public service career in 1982 with the Government of Canada Banking and Accounting Branch in the former Supply and Services Canada. In 1988, Ms. Jackson joined the Treasury Board Secretariat where she worked in a variety of senior positions. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. David Schwartz, who has served as the Acting Director General since January 5, 2004. David will be undertaking a new role at Canada Border Services Agency, leading their A-Base Review, effective October 4, 2004. Mr. Richard case will be Acting Director General, Resource Management Directorate until Ms. Jackson’s arrival. 

Jim Ralston

Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Commissioner
Canada Revenue Agency
Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Commisssioner's Office

Nomination de cadre supérieur 

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la nomination de Mme Mary Jane Jackson au poste de directrice générale, Direction de la gestion des ressources à la Direction générale des finances et de l’administration, et ce, à compter du 18 octobre 2004. Actuellement, Mme Jackson est directrice exécutive et conseillère du Système d’information sur la gestion des dépenses au Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor. Par conséquent, elle apporte une longue expérience en matière de budgétisation et d’octroi des crédits selon la méthode de la comptabilité d’exercice. D’ailleurs, elle a participé à l’établissement d’un cadre de travail sur la mise en oeuvre de la budgétisation selon la méthode de la comptabilité d’exercice pour tout le gouvernement. 

Mme Jackson détient un baccalauréat spécialisé en commerce, un baccalauréat en administration et le titre de comptable agréée. 

Elle a débuté sa carrière dans la fonction publique en 1982 au sein de la Direction de la gestion bancaire et de la comptabilité du gouvernement du Canada, à l’ancien ministère des Approvisionnements et Services Canada. En 1988, Mme Jackson s’est jointe au Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor où elle a exercé de multiples fonctions cadres. Veuillez vous joindre à moi pour lui souhaiter la bienvenue à l’Agence du revenu du Canada et pour lui offrir tout notre appui. 

Je voudrais profiter de l’occasion pour remercier M. David Schwartz qui a été directeur général par intérim depuis le 5 janvier 2004. Il jouera un nouveau rôle à l’Agence des services frontaliers du Canada pour la direction de la Révision des services votés, et ce, à compter du 4 octobre 2004. M. Richard Case agira à titre de directeur général par intérim jusqu’à l’arriver de Mme Jackson. 

Jim Ralston

Administrateur sup des affairs financières et sous-commissaire
Agence du revenu du Canada
Bureau de l'administrateur supérieur et du sous-commissaire

Mel Cappe moves on.  The official story here And so does Frank Claydon.  Here


This just in …. David B. Watters, ADM, Economic Development & Corporate Finance, is absconding with 30 years of experience and institutional memories to actually go and work in the private sector.   As outrageous as this sounds, it has been confirmed by his capo Kevin.  However, there may be one last chance to save David, so we are asking all his colleagues and friends to join us on Wednesday, February 27th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in a public exorcism on the 22nd floor of Fortress Finance (alias L’Esplanade Laurier Avenue, East “Ivory” Tower). 

Bring chants, potions, incantations and small dolls with pins to keep David from passing into the land of the “invisible hand”.  Don’t come just because of the chilled drinks, hearty eats, entrancing door prize, bright balloons, loot bags and mystery guest.  Fighting the private sector’s Darth Vader is serious business so park your Battlestar Gallacticas on Laurier Avenue and fly up to the 21st floor on the Millennium Starship elevators.  From there, those with real courage will climb one short flight of stairs through the ethereal mists, to the summit on the 22nd floor to join the going away festivities, and to see fearsome deficit fighters and burley tax cutters in their natural habitat.

Remember – write the date and time of this gallactic event in your Starship’s log today. 

“Wednesday, February 27th from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. (earth time)”

Andy is leaving, well, sort of

And Andrew says, May 20th 2005..."A change (in the website) would be nice. How about “he left to join another PB alumnus Caroline Davis, ADM Corporate Services at INAC, to revitalize the Audit, Evaluation and Risk Branch. Perhaps not so coincidenty (sic) he was strongly encouraged to do so by two former INAC ADMs who are also PB alumni, Bill Austin and Brent DiBartolo. It could also mention that after 50 years of a very pious batchelorhood a lovely but unsuspecting woman, Sue, went for (overlooked) one of his corney lines and they got married last summer. Apparently the prenup took nine years to negotiate. Concerned for his ability to perform at his advancing age and after so many years of “inactivity” his new colleagues at INAC gave him a mega supply of viagra as a gift. It is reported that his very grateful response was thank you but, on reflection what a cruel irony it is that at his age .... every other joint in his body is as stiff as a board.

After what seems like decades at Treasury Board as a program analyst and most recently as executive director of "Expenditure Operations and Estimates", Andy is going to, well, we're not sure.  Apparently he's still in Treasury Board.  We see him getting coffee at Marcello's.  So he's not far.


We did have a going away party, or perhaps it was a go-away party, with the posters below reminding some of us what Andy used to look like when he wasn't the Clark Kent he's been recently.

Good luck Andy, wherever you are 

Mark Podolak is Retiring

A great retirement party with many old-timers showing up at the Army Officer's mess, Jan 29. 2002.

Mark is planning on traveling and doing more art.  


Bernice McKay has  left TBS

As a parting gift, we're so cheap, we gave her the fine piece of TBS art that was created by former members of the Expenditure Analysis Division.  Bernice was the last on left who's name was on the artist list.

After almost 29, yes twenty-nine, years at Treasury Board Secretariat, Bernice is leaving us.

She will join Stephen Lane, (see his departure notice below) at Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis (Fintrac) to combat money laundering on Sept 4, 2001.  

On behalf of the Financial and Economic Analysis Division, I would like to make everyone in the broader Treasury Board Secretariat community aware of some good news, and some sad news, of which some of you may have heard echoes. The good news is that Bernice McKay, one of our most treasured team members, will be going on to new and exciting challenges at the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada as of next Tuesday. The sad news is that we in the Division loose not only one of the most valued members of our team but one of the Secretariat’s longest-serving and finest individuals.

We can’t let someone like Bernice escape us after 28 years, nearly the entire life of the Secretariat, without proper reflection and celebration. Bernice has agreed to return on the 20th of September, when we will hold a rite of passage worthy of Bernice’s contribution to our work and to our lives. I will get back to all of you shortly with the details.

In the meantime, I know that I am expressing the sentiments of many of you by extending to Bernice my deepest appreciation for what she has brought to our Division and to the Secretariat over many years, my fondest wishes for her future success and my deepest desire for our continuing friendship and her personal happiness.



Jo Hamilton is retiring.  

She gets her very own page here.


ken.jpg (1047 bytes)

Ken Monds Retiring

After almost thirty years of federal government service, many of them in the program sector of the Treasury Board and the last three in the Pensions Division, Ken Monds has taken a well deserved retirement. In the event that Ken returns from a month long sojourn in Grenada, his friends and colleagues are invited to visit with him at the Astro Lounge of the RCAF Officers Mess (Gloucester Street) on Tuesday, February 13 from 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

December 12, 2000

medal.gif (46076 bytes) Well done Dave! 


"On December 11, 2000, I (Mel) had the pleasure of presenting 20 awards at The Head of the Public Service Award ceremony. Please join me in celebrating the successes of this year’s recipients. These individuals and teams represent a cross-section of the Public Service and come from various regions, levels and occupations. All have demonstrated a high degree of excellence in their work."

Read the whole thing here.

November 29, 2000

Newsflash October 10, 2000

Len Endemann

Len a few years back

I would like to announce that Len Endemann has accepted the position of Director General, Intergovernmental Relations, Policy and Legislation Branch with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, effective October 16th. We wish Len the very best, but we will miss him. Congratulations, Len!

Len has made a valuable contribution here at the Treasury Board Secretariat, most recently as the Director of Cost Recovery, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and to wish him continued success in his career.

Please join us Friday October 20th at 3:30 p.m. on the 7th floor East tower (North-West corner) as we thank Len and wish him well in his new endeavours.

NEWSFLASH:  May 16, 2000

steve.jpg (4692 bytes) Please join us in extending best wishes to Stephen Lane who will soon be leaving the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) to pursue a new opportunity in the Finance ministry. May 26th will be his last day in the office.

Stephen joined TBS in 1980 and left briefly in 1992 for a new challenge at the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. At TBS, Stephen has made a valuable contribution through his team play and innovative approach. Throughout his career, Stephen has been known for his wealth of information and his wit.

Let’s wish Stephen clear sailing in his new job after 20 years in the Treasury Board Secretariat!  Souhaitons à Stephen des vents favorables dans son nouvel emploi après 20 ans au Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor!

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